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Jeb Corliss

Jeb Corliss, during his third China "mega-stunt'; flying through a target positioned above the Great wall of China. Due to unexpected and tragic circumstances ( a catastrophic explosion in the nearby city of Tianjin) the stunt had to be moved from it's original schedule and delayed for eight months. The stunt then encountered difficulties in it's positioning of the target on the Great Wall due to local government intervention and a compromise was reached by placing the target on a hill adjacent to the Wall. The frustrations then continued with high winds meaning practice flights were curtailed and ultimately Jeb Corliss only managed a handful of jumps before the live television broadcast began. As is his way of doggedly pursuing his goals and in no small way down to his extraordinary ability, he did manage to complete his ultimate aim of placing a gopro camera through a target the size of an apple at 100mph 15 feet above the ground