Kung Fu

A documentary on the kung fu master, actor and director Yue Song as he undertook to shoot scenes from his film 'The Bodyguard' in China. The filming was set on and around the environs of lake Khanka, a huge fresh water lake that borders both China and Russia, in Helongjiang province, north eastern China during the late winter. The area is widely known for its especially inhospitable winter climate where temperatures regularly fall to minus 40c, even during the latter part of the winter when filming took place the air temperature never rose above minus five and regularly dropped twenty degrees lower. The actor, who was self directing, chose a section of his film to be shot in this location for the hardship and duress that he had to endure as per the script. Working with a bare minimum of sleep and food he pushed himself and the camera crew to extreme ends to capture what he hoped would illustrate that what was in his vision.